​On Friday 24th October - Danny turned his head to the sound of a banging spoon!  This was such an amazing moment!  Something we only dreamed of!  
Danny still has a long way to go with lots more programming of the device to increase his access to sound and years of speech therapy, so we will still be fundraising as the NHS still wont help Danny.


Danny can hear!

Danny has his implant!

Early in July 2014, we were invited by Prof Colletti to go to Milan so Danny could have the surgery for his ABI!  We were only given 3 days notice!  We hastily booked flights, packed & found an apartment close to the hospital and our adventure began!  The day after we arrived in Milan, we met with Lilli Colletti and Danny had his pre-surgery checks, all of which he passed and surgery was arranged for a few days later..  

The moment we handed Danny over to the anethesiologist was one of the most difficult and heart wrenching things we have done.. Danny, however was fine and took it all in his stride!  the surgery took most of the day and we were delighted when Prof Coletti came to our room to tell us that the surgery was a success, Danny was doing well and all 12 electrodes were working!  

We were allowed to see him in intensive care, he was still asleep and looked so poorly.. 

The plan was to keep Danny sedated until morning, but he had other ideas!  As with his 2nd TOF surgery, he again woke up & pulled his breathing tube out himself!  We were called to see him and he was awake and feeling very sorry for himself..  It was heartbreaking to see him like that, but we reassured ourselves that it was all worth it!

The next morning, Danny was allowed back to our room. We then spent the next week at the hospital enjoying the food (very different from UK hospital food!) Steak every day if you liked!  By Friday afternoon, Danny was well enough for us to return to the apartment. We then stayed in Milan for another few weeks while Danny's wound healed and we returned home early August.

We went back to Italy a few weeks later and Danny's device was switched on.  There was a very small response from Danny.  just a head movement.  so it was a matter of waiting and then just a couple of months later, we had that amazing moment of when Danny turned to sound! (thank goodness I was filming!)  It was such a joyous moment and one we will never forget.

Danny has now been hearing for 15 months and is already understanding many words, he turns to his name and his favourite word is biscuit! 

He is getting much stronger and learning to balance better. He is a very determined little boy who is always happy as you can see in the video below.